I Pretend To Have A Secret To Reveal - But Do I?

Do you want to know or do you hate that I'm trying to attract you into some kind of something? Do you suspect that I'm trying to manipulate you?

  1. Is this a trick?
  2. Is this a method or a persuasion technique
  3. Is it about what you can provide if you let me provide it to you?

I really would like to deserve your continued attention regarding something that you may know about but may need to internalize more powerfully. It's about your will and ability to not try to manipulate others and even yourself. It's interesting because it's a very important and essential topic and theme.

Ed Askmo

Ed Askmo Design

Faked Customers Say

You need to love this Ed Askmo. He is not going to be easy to work with but you will get something very special. He's not cheap but will treat you richly.

~ John Doe

Ed Askmo is more than only a designer. He is an artist and some kind of inventor or thought patterns for creativity.

~ Albert Doe

Sometimes he is slow but he gets it very well done. Don't be in a hurry if you want something from Ed Askmo. "Design is about inventing and enjoying doing so." Ed Askmo

~ Rock Doe

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