I Believe In Jesus Christ!

I Do Believe That He Is The Son Of God!

The implication of that belief and faith is that I've become a disciple of Christ. But due to my sins, it's been a bumpy road. I can only blame myself for it. I doing all I can to show God that I want to repent not only by stopping to sin but also by doing the good deeds that are tied to the mission of reconciliation for other souls. People need to understand what a loving and caring God we have. He takes care of those who love him. He even loved us before we loved him. It's more amazing than most people dare realise.

Here is my agenda: I want to make you read the Bible and start following Jesus Christ. But that's only if you are realising that it's Jesus Christ that is calling you through a lot of efforts that have been made so that the message reaches you and give you the opportunity to be transformed by it. We need to take part in divine nature. That's something that God gives us if we want to receive it and let it shine for others if it's Christ we let shine by our loving obedience and devotion.

Edouard Askmo

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