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If you are very serious about getting continued deserved attention, you will need to work hard and smart, Only hard work will not make things work systematically. Work only smart but never hard will not be sufficient in most cases. You will probably want people to like what you provide.

This will be related to good topics and themes. You will be able to ask people to keep on paying attention over time to your topics and themes. Finally, people will get used to you based on the utility of your topics and themes helping to solve real-life problems and even more abstract ones.

If you think in terms of what people really need not only desire and crave for, you will be seen as a good source. This is not a trick or some kind of scheme. It's a  simple fact if you see to it to make it happen. Provide value and you will be valued as a good source leading to durable results and states of mind.

Ed Askmo